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March 2016 Meeting Materials

The exhibits for the March 2016 Design Public Hearings are below.



File Size

All Plans 54.81 MB
Title 9.32 MB
Index, Sheet Layout, Typicals 5.76 MB
Gantry Site Plans 3.67 MB
Generator Site Plans 2.08 MB
Gantry Structure Plans 1.14 MB
66 Outside the Beltway 3.92 MB
Beltway to Route 7 3.53 MB
Route 7 to Washington Blvd. 4.01 MB
Washington Glebe 4.16 MB
Glebe to Rosslyn 4.02 MB
66 East of Rosslyn 1.67 MB
495 South of  Interstate 66 1.98 MB
Dulles Access, Connector, Toll 7.34 MB
495 North of Dulles Toll 2.83 MB